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Personalized research summaries electronically delivered

TCM research clinical or otherwise

SCIE-level journals without the high

Translated Chinese articles

Competitive Pricing $100 vs $350

Requests fulfilled until satisfaction

Research assistance

Sources and information given



$20 per request

$100/yr Unlim.

$5 per article


Imagine instead of just relying on editors to choose articles and topics to deliver your their egocentric concept of the best to offer, you control the parameters of articles sent to you. We, at TCM Quarterly, will now offer that power to you. No longer will you wait for deliveries of material which exclusively appealed to the editor of a publication. You will purchase the service of an editor and direct them to deliver that which you dictate.


TCM Quarterly is now offering that as a Premium Service. Our Premium Service includes a subscription to our journal, a selective collection of the best articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine from China, and personalized research service.


Our personalized research service offers assistance to persons who want to research a particular subject related to TCM or Chinese culture, but they find a lacking of English resources in their currently used database. We offer them access to articles while releasing them of the burden of doing all of the legwork themselves. Our Premium Service Members simply submit their desired area of knowledge, and we begin collecting information for them. Not only that, but we continue to communicate with them until we find that their request has been fully met as quickly as we are able.


Let’s say that you are interested in the variety of medications prescribed for arthritis in Traditional Chinese Medical Clinics in China. After completing your application for Premium Service, you would submit a request for the area of knowledge that you want us to find for you. We ascertain the details of the request, and then we begin finding information which is suitable. After compiling a number of articles related to the inquiry, we would summarize the requested parts of the articles and include citation reference. You would check to see if it meets your needs, and if not, we would work with the client until the request is made.


This type of service can benefit anyone, but it specifically benefits persons whose life doesn’t afford them the time and assets to learn about things that they can. It even moreso benefits persons whose hectic life drains them of the energy to read the things that which they want to read. We read for the client in order to provide them with the knowledge that we hope enriches their lives and helps them further develop the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine in their endeavors.




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