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Integrative treatment of 34 COVID-19 patients: Traditional Chinese and Conventional Medicine


In another study that aimed to look at the effects of integrative treatment combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbal prescriptions with conventional medical treatment of COVID-19 patients, researchers retrospectively examined 34 patients at a COVID-19 treatment center in Heilongjiang Province from January 22, 2021 to February 17, 2021.

Quite a few studies in China during the pandemic focused on using Chinese medicine as a supplementary treatment to COVID-19. This research article is an exception. As the COVID-19 cases analyzed in this study were mild, the researchers could ethically treat them with Chinese medicine as the national regulations didn’t require strict usage of certain western medical modalities. As a result, the doctors used Traditional Chinese Medicine syndrome differentiation to treat the cases.

Integrative treatment of 70 mild COVID-19 cases: TCM Syndrome Differentiation and treatment


A disease has different levels, and they affect different persons differently. This forms the basis of the holistic understanding of the nature of disease according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It uses a comprehensive analysis of the patient through four diagnostic methods: observation, listening, questioning, and pulse analysis. These are often combined with technology used in conventional medicine to deepen an understanding of the patient’s current condition to improve the efficacy of a medical intervention. Researchers at Ningxia People’s Provincial Hospital analyzed 70 COVID-19 patients using syndrome differentiation in combination with conventional medical diagnosis and treatment.


Integrative treatment of 70 COVID-19 patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM diagnosis of disease focuses on the manifestations of internal phenomenon. This belief, Visceral Manifestation Theory, focuses on the connection between viscera (organs) and external parts of the body. If a problem exists within the body, then it is likely to express itself exogenously. This theory forms the diagnostic method implemented by a TCM practitioner: observation, listening, palpation, and asking.

TCM Syndrome Analysis on 96 COVID-19 patients after herbal decoction treatment


This study aimed to analyze the different elements of syndromes of patients suffering from COVID-19 and the changes of those elements from admission to discharge from hospitals. A deeper understanding of COVID-19 infection and how it develops can help determine the correct path of treatment.Treating a disease according to its position and stage of development is an integral part of treatment within the Traditional Chinese Medicine. That is also combined with the individual characteristics of how a particular patient’s body and mind are reacting to the disease. As such, this type of research helps enable healthcare practitioners to individualize treatment through holistic treatment.

Syndrome Differentiation of 292 COVID -19 patients according to TCM Theory


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