Detailed summary of spleen disease syndromes including common treatments

A detailed summary analyzing the pathogenesis of diseases of the spleen and how it results in different manifestations of spleen disease. It also includes common prescriptions and herbs according to the result of differentiating the type of syndrome of spleen disease.

Physiological mechanism of acupuncture treatment for traumatic brain injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), also known as craniocerebral injury or trauma, affects more than 50 million people worldwide each year. This paper reports on an anlaysis of acupuncture treatment on TBI.

Moxibustion treatment during dog days of summer for pediatric allergic rhinitis

This research focuses on “天灸药” or “Tianjiu moxibustion” which refers to an adhesive patch, on which a mixture of herbs have been placed, is stuck on certain acupoints on the body to assist in the prevention of certain diseases, and it is placed on specific days according to the Lunar Calendar.

Trends in prescribing TCM herbs in 875 cases of COVID-19 in TCM treatments

Have you wondered about the herbal selections in various treatments of COVID-19?TCM Quarterly reports research that analyzes the various herbs and combinations used in prescriptions for 875 patients with COVI-19 in Wuhan.

268 cases of COVID-19 analyzed according to TCM syndrome differentiation

As TCM practitioners and clinicians seek to treat COVID-19, we at TCM Quarterly think that it is vital to begin sophisticating treatment through application of syndrome differentiation. As of now, much of the understanding of the COVID-19 relies on western medical diagnosis. To enable and inform you, a compilation of three recent studies were analyzed to assist in treatments using...

The use of Lung & Spleen simultaneous treatment for COVID-19

According to Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory, it is believed that the disease is located in the lung, spleen, and stomach--especially the lung and spleen. It’s called simultaneous lung-spleen treatment (脾肺同治).

China’s State Council on Health and China’s State Administration on Traditional Chinese Medicine on the diagnosis and integrative treatment of COVID-19

...a summary of the current understanding of the diagnosis and integrative treatment of COVID-19. It’s important to note that this is integrative treatment.


China’s State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s guidance for rehabilitation for COVID-19: This document includes guidance on TCM Rehabilitation which was released on February 23rd, 2020. In order to accelerate the development of TCM treatments for COVID-19, they organized a group of experts to create a guide for rehabilitation for patients in the recovery period who meet the criteria for discharge. It includes herbal and acupuncture modalities. Click to learn more...